Unlock the true potential of your parking asset

Vend is the only end-to-end technology-driven parking management solution proven to increase revenue, decrease expenses, and improve the driver experience.

Power your location from the cloud

Vend’s command center software enables you to remotely manage key operational functions for your facility from the cloud. The Tenant Connectivity Module empowers tenants to self-manage employee parking, validations, and billing directly from their personal dashboard.

3rd Party Integrations

Integrate into systems such as tenant experience solutions or parking aggregators.

Customer Reporting Suite

Real-time insights powered by 80+ data points  captured on every parking transaction.

Inventory & Pass Management

Easily customize and update inventory, distribute passes, and manage validations.

24/7 Customer Support

White-glove support team  available around the clock to solve any parker issues.

Do it yourself portal

A one-stop shop to manage your parking facility. Change prices on the fly, access real-time reporting, and more.


How it works

Built with the user experience in mind, Vend makes parking a breeze for drivers. New visitors  simply drive up, enter their phone number,  and add payment information before leaving. For returning visitors, the experience is completely automated using automatic vehicle recognition to enable a seamless drive-in and drive-out experience.

Flexible parking options serving all drivers and tenants

By digitizing access and payments, parking can be marketed and sold in new ways. Create flexible passes that better fit changing driver needs, sell subscriptions to increase retention, and provision sophisticated validations to drive more demand.






Experience the Vend difference

Elevate the parking experience

No more tickets or pay machines. Drivers just enter and exit using their phone number, license plate, or digital wallet as their credential.

manual operations

Reduce the need for onsite administration and eliminate legacy technology with a fully digital solution.

Increase net operating income

Vend unlocks real value for your asset by reducing maintenance and operational costs and maximizing revenue.