Parking control systems for operators

Vend's all-in-one digital parking management solutions equips operators with innovative tools to meet changing customer needs and eliminate manual processes. Our system is flexible and customizable, so it can streamline any parking operation.

Your partner for mutual success

Replace fragmented technology providers with an all-in-one platform that makes parking seamless

Vend Pay automates payment processing, taxes, reporting, and reconciliation in a single system

Our team installs everything you need and provides lifetime updates, all at no upfront cost

Provide your customers with a premium experience - Vend handles driver issues through its white-glove support team

“As an operator, we like to think beyond traditional parking operations and bring revolutionary mobility solutions to our clients that help elevate their properties to the next level. We are proud to partner with Vend as an innovator in parking management and payment technology because we know the value they can provide to our clients.”

Clay Adams

Executive Vice President

How it works

Vend reimagines parking for real estate owners, operators, tenants, and visitors. Our end-to-end platform leverages cloud infrastructure and automation to reimagine parking from the ground up. We integrate into existing reporting systems, billing systems, and parking apps so you can focus on the things that matter.


Access control

Demand generation


Driver support

Real-time reporting