Frequently Asked Questions for Drivers

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[Monthly parkers] How will I enter or exit to parking garage?

Your license plate will be read by license plate reading technology or you can enter your phone number on the digital screen.

[Monthly parkers] How do I change/amend my car details?

In the web app, you can amend your car details.

[Monthly parkers] How do I register with the system?

If you have an existing monthly parking account and your location is switching to Vend, your monthly account will automatically be set up for you in the system.  If you are looking to sign up for a new monthly parking account or update your monthly account information, please contact your property manager.

How do I pay for my parking session?

You can pay for your parking session by choosing one of these convenient options:

  • Pay at the exit using SmartSign, where on-screen instructions will guide you
  • Access the Vend Park web app at and go to the "Payment" section to add your payment method. Once added, the system will automatically detect your license plate at the exit and open the gate
  • Use the link sent via SMS to access the web app at and add your payment method

I prepaid using SpotHero or ParkWhiz, why do I need to pay again at the exit?

There are two options for adding your reservation to your session:

1. Scan the QR Code: Simply scan the QR code from your SpotHero or ParkWhiz reservation at the exit kiosk.
2. Upload the QR Code: Visit and navigate to the "Active Parks" section, which displays your current parking sessions. Go to "Link Reservation" and follow the on-screen instructions to upload the QR code from your SpotHero or ParkWhiz reservation.

By scanning or uploading your reservation, you can exit the parking facility without the need to pay again.

How do I add a new vehicle to my profile?

You can add a new vehicle to your profile by navigating to the "Vehicles" section in the web app. Look for the "Add Vehicle" button and click on it. You'll be prompted to enter the necessary information, including the vehicle's license plate number and state. After providing the required details, save the changes. Your new vehicle will now be added to your profile for convenient access.

How can I view my parking history?

Go to the "Past Parks" section in the web app. You will find a list of your previous parking sessions. Click on a specific session to access detailed information, including the date, time, and duration of the parking session.

I entered the wrong license plate number. Can it be corrected?

Yes, you can easily correct the registered license plate number for your parking session. Login to your account at using your credentials, navigate to the "Vehicle Details" section, and edit the license plate number to the correct one. Once updated, the correct license plate will be associated with your parking session.

I want to update my phone number for future parking sessions. How can I do that?

You can update your phone number for future parking sessions by logging into the web app at and editing your profile settings.

I accidentally started two parking sessions. What should I do?

If you accidentally started two parking sessions, please contact our support team immediately at or +1 888 965 3973 to cancel the duplicate parking session.

I have a discount or validation code. How can I apply it to my parking session?

After starting your parking session, you will receive an SMS with the web app link. Access the web app and log in to your account. Navigate to the "Validation" section, where you will find an option to apply a discount or validation code. Simply scan the QR code provided in your SMS, and the discount or validation will be automatically applied to your current parking session.

I started a parking session but the gate didn't open. What should I do?

If you encounter difficulties entering, please contact our support team at or +1 888 965 3973. Our support reps can remotely trigger the gate to open for you.

How can I view and download my parking receipt?

There are two convenient methods to access your parking receipt:

Via SMS Link:

After completing your parking session, you will receive an SMS containing a link to your parking receipt. Click on the link in the SMS to access your receipt via the web app at

Without SMS:

If you didn't receive an SMS or need your receipt for another reason, you can access it directly by visiting using your web browser.